Will you rise to the occasion?


This is a call to every man and woman who long for a better world. It is time to unite.

It is easy to love and respect someone who agrees with you. But what will you choose to do when you are faced with someone who tells you your way of thinking and living is wrong? Will you react out of anger or can you respond with love? Will you get triggered and defensive and lash out or are you able to respond with respect and honor?

In this time of division, you might feel triggered more than ever before. Everyone is being pitch against each other and we wear our opinions as the very definition of who we are. It's a dangerous thing to do because when we get too focused on defining ourselves by a certain attribute, we forget what defines us the most - we are all human.

We have all felt the highs of hope, joy and excitement and we have all felt the lows of grief, fear and hopelessness. We have been in love and had our hearts broken. We have fallen and struggled our way back up. We have been hurt and we have healed. We are humans with a wide range of emotions, we all have that in common. Let us remember that. Whether someone agrees with your opinion or not, never forget that you are talking to another human being who can feel pain just like you. You are talking to someone's mother, brother, son or wife. How would you like others to respond to your loved one?

Whether we disagree on Religion, Politics, Sports or lifestyle choices, we can still show each other the respect and decency worthy of a fellow human being. We are in this life together and we share this world as a great playground. We can either choose to help push each other on the swings or we can make all our lives miserable by keep throwing sand at each other. Which road will you choose?

In a world where not even our leaders can unite, we the people must raise the bar of decency. In a world where we are being asked to choose a side and oppose the other, we have the opportunity to stand firmly in the middle and keep our hearts open for everyone. In a world divided, the most radical thing you can do is to stand for unity. Will you rise to the occasion?

Varför engelska denna gång? Det korta svaret är att det kom ut i det formatet och jag vet bättre än att kämpa emot och ifrågasätta varför. 

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